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Curtis Blaydes understands that there’s nothing he can really do at this point to stop Brock Lesnar from fighting for the UFC’s heavyweight title. But, that doesn’t mean the heavyweight contender’s finished blasting the UFC’s decision, or fans that think Lesnar title shot’s okay.

After Blaydes bloodied and brutalized Alistair Overeem at UFC 225 in June, “Razor” didn’t waste anytime calling for a title shot. After all, Blaydes has won four in a row, and he just took out one of the greatest heavyweights in the sport’s history. Prior to UFC 226, Blaydes said the only fight he would take, aside from a title fight, was a rematch with Francis Ngannou.

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Well, a lot has changed since then, as Ngannou lost to Derrick Lewis at UFC 226. In addition, we now know that Lesnar is going to fight the new heavyweight champ, Daniel Cormier, early in 2019. That news didn’t sit well with Blaydes, not surprisingly, and during a recent talk with MMA Fighting, the wrestler continued to trash the UFC’s decision.

“I hate it. It just slows down our positions, slows down progress, because the ultimate goal is to get to the title, and it’s like, it’s already [decided],” Blaydes said. “I thought the purpose of us fighting is to prove who gets the title shot, and then Brock Lesnar, who hasn’t fought in two years and hasn’t had a legitimate win in eight years, because even when he beat Mark Hunt, that win was negated because he tested positive, so a guy like him who jumps in off the strength of his popularity — and don’t get me wrong, I know he’s very popular, just like CM Punk is very popular. That doesn’t mean he’s good. That’s not what that means.

“Like, Will Smith is very popular. You think Will Smith can go in there at 185 and get a title shot? No. Brock Lesnar, he’s going to go fight for the title, go make beaucoup money, and he’s going to go get knocked out. He’s not good. It’s weird how MMA fans are, like, just fascinated by his muscles. Like, they just like to see a big guy with his physique in the Octagon. They don’t believe he can win, they just like to see him in Octagon. I don’t get it. Maybe they just like his tattoos, I don’t know.”

Yup. Even if you are excited to see how and whether Cormier can deal with the power and size of Lesnar, it’s hard to shoot down anything Blaydes has said here. From any type of meritocratic vantage point, Lesnar has no business fighting for the heavyweight title at this juncture.

This aside, Blaydes has been campaigning for a fall bout with former champ, Stipe Miocic. But, you have to wonder if Miocic is going to fight again this year. Before UFC 226 he said he planned to take a break so he can spend time with his family.