Leading up to UFC Fight Night 135, James Vick fired plenty of verbal shots in Justin Gaethje’s direction. But, following his quick and vicious knockout loss to the former WSOF champ, Vick’s reporting the insults were to promote  the bout.

Vick made headlines not long ago, by referring to Gaethje as the “Homer Simpson” of MMA, and noting how much punishment the rugged fighter takes in his bouts. In addition, Vick scrutinized Gaethje’s record, by questioning whether he has defeated top tier competition.

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Well, as you surely know, Vick was taken out by Gaethje last night in under 90 seconds. Following the devastating loss, Vick shared out the statement and picture below.

Worst night of my life last night. Thank you @justin_gaethje for the opportunity. Tho confident in myself I did always respect you. I said what I said to get and promote the fight. You are a class act and I do appreciate your kind words last night. I have no excuses. I was in shape, healthy and confident. I blew it. For all those that believed in me and support me I am truly sorry. I will go back and keep training and loving this life of being a fighter and a martial artist. This is the life I have chose and I guess this comes with the territory. Thanks to all my friends, family and teammates for the support and thank you @UFC for the opportunity.

This is a classy move by Vick, although, chances are some Gaethje supporters will question whether he would have said something similar, if he had won last night.

While last night’s loss was definitely a big setback for Vick, it would be silly to write him off, in terms of being a top lightweight contender. After all, Vick has only been defeated twice, and this is a guy who’s gone 9-2 in the UFC to date, and holds wins over Jake Matthews, Joseph Duffy and Francisco Trinaldo. None of that is easy to do. Further, Gaethje is one of the toughest and most aggressive lightweights on the planet.

Plus, when you’re a 6’3 tall lightweight, with the abilities that Vick has, you’re going to give a lot of fighters some issues.

UFC FN 135 took place in Lincoln, Nebraska.