Renato Moicano continues to respectfully call for a bout with Jose Aldo, and when you survey the featherweight title shot mix right now, it certainly looks like this would be a great move by the UFC.

Moicano is coming off an impressive, first round submission win over longtime contender, Cub Swanson earlier this month, which moved the Brazilian fighter’s UFC record to 5-1. The only man to defeat Moicano to date in the Octagon, or any other cage, is Brian Ortega, who submitted him at UFC 214 last July.

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Well, since Moicano’s win over Swanson, the rising fighter has been calling for a bout with the former champ, Aldo. While speaking to MMA Fighting recently, the 29 year-old offered this explanation, as to why he wants to fight the legendary fighter.

“He’s an idol in Brazil, he’s an idol for me, but we have to be the most professional possible,” Moicano said. “It makes sense for the UFC, and the winner would go to a title fight next. What I really wanted was fighting (Brian) Ortega in a rematch, but he won’t fight anyone, he wants to wait to fight Max Holloway for the undisputed belt. We have to do other fights in the meantime, and I’m interested in fighting someone ahead of me.”

“We don’t think about none of that when we’re in the cage, we go there to win the best way possible, but it was really hard for me to challenge him the way I did,” Moicano added. “However, if we were competing in any other sport people would see it as something good. Imagine competing against Pele in soccer or Guga (Kuerten) in tennis. It should be the same thing in fighting.

There you have it. Now, as it stands right now, it’s looking like Ortega will challenge the current reigning champ, Max Holloway, at UFC 231 in September. The fight’s not finalized, but, there’s been reports it’s in the works. So, when you consider that Moicano is currently ranked #4 and Aldo is ranked #2, having the two fight sounds like a pretty smart way to go. Not only because the winner would have a strong case for a title shot, but, from an entertainment perspective, Aldo – Moicano would likely deliver, big time.

Another option for Moicano is Frankie Edgar, who is ranked #3, and there’s no doubt plenty of folks would like to see that fight as well. But, that match-up doesn’t have the ‘new Brazilian star vs. the Brazilian legend’ story line, like Aldo – Moicano.