Following Tyron Woodley’s emphatic victory over Darren Till at UFC 228, the welterweight champ questioned again whether Colby Covington should be next. But, is there another realistic option for Woodley at this point?

Woodley took on the rising star Till in Saturday’s headliner, and after flooring the British fighter in round two, he eventually locked up a fight ending, D’Arce choke. It was an extremely impressive win for Woodley,  and likely silenced many of the champ’s doubters.

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After the win, however, Woodley balked on dropping any names, in terms of who he wants to fight next. Since Covington was the interim champ, and because of his well documented beef with Woodley, of course, the latter fielded questions about fighting “Chaos” next. Here’s some of what Woodley had to say (quotes via MMA Junkie):

“I’m not saying I am going to fight him, because I don’t feel he deserves my platform right now,” Woodley said. “He had the chance to be here. He bitched out, if you want to be honest. He talked all that crap, and then he got in the hot seat.

“The second he won, I said, let’s come get this smoke. He got quiet. Instagram accounts got taken down, and he didn’t say nothing. I think, it’s an embarrassment to the sport, and if that’s the next person that’s got to get the work, you won’t have to do much to get me up for that fight.”

“…My thing is, I’m going to fight anybody. I’m the best in the world. Anybody they put in front of me, they’re going to get beat up. If it’s Colby Covington, if it’s (Kamaru) Usman, if it’s Robert Whittaker, if it’s whoever they want me to fight, we’re going to do it.”

So, while Woodley isn’t saying he’s not going to fight Covington, he’s certainly not going out of his way to lock up that bout. It is true that after Covington won the interim belt in June, by defeating Rafael dos Anjos, Woodley did, finally, start campaigning for a bout with his rival. But, Covington couldn’t fight at UFC 228 due to pending nasal surgery, and the UFC went with Till.

There’s no question that Usman also deserves a title shot, but, there’s plenty of buzz for Woodley – Covington, so, it’s hard to imagine the UFC passing on that fight, unless, for some reason, either man isn’t ready to go somewhat soon.

Of course, if Georges St-Pierre decided he wants a shot at reclaiming the 170 title, then, perhaps, Covington would get pushed to the side. But there’s no indication that GSP wants to do that, and further, based off images that have recently surfaced of the the former champ, it certainly looks like he may thinking about a drop to 155.