Francisco Trinaldo has to worry about getting past the always tough, Evan Dunham today at UFC Fight Night 137. But the lightweight’s made it crystal clear, he really, really wants to fight Kevin Lee again.

Trinaldo and Dunham will battle later today in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in what will be the final fight of the latter’s career. Recently Trinaldo credited Dunham for his toughness and experience, but “Massaranduba” also relayed he has his sights set on Lee.

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The two fought in March, 2017, and Lee halted Trinaldo’s seven fight, winning streak, with a second round, submission win. The bout took place in Fortaleza, Brazil, and as you can see by reading the comments below, the Brazilian Trinaldo didn’t care for how Lee acted at the card’s weigh-ins. The American responded to the crowd’s jeers by giving them the finger (quotes via MMA Fighting):

“I’m just working to get a couple of wins and then beat up Kevin Lee, because that loss is still stuck in my throat,” Trinaldo said. “I want to fight twice and then ask for Kevin Lee again, because I want to show him how it’s done.”

“It bothers me because he defeated me, but what bothers me the most is that he disrespected my people, so I will beat him up,” Trinaldo added. “I always respect everyone, but he doesn’t. We’ll fight again. One way or the other, we will rematch. It would be a good rematch. He likes to sell fights, and I would do anything to fight him. I will even curse at his mother if I have to.

“I would definitely knock him out,” he continued. “I’ll tell you the truth, no one paid attention to Kevin Lee before he fought me. He has his merits, I won’t say he’s a bad fighter — he’s an excellent fighter — but I have what it takes to beat him and I will show everyone that.”

In addition to the beef here, avenging his loss to Lee would do a lot for Trinaldo, considering “The Motown Phenom” is one of the lightweight division’s top contenders. But, for that reasons, securing a rematch with Lee’s going to be tough.

Trinaldo is coming off a decision loss to James Vick, and currently he’s not ranked in the top 15 at 155. Lee, meanwhile, is rankde #5. So, Trinaldo’s likely going to have to record several more wins, before Lee would even consider fighting him again.

A big win today over Dunham, would definitely be a step in the right direction.