Image Credit: Rizin FF / YouTube

Apparently, Conor McGregor was unaware of who Tenshin Nasukawa is, when he fired off an expletive-filled response to the news that the rising star is going to battle Floyd Mayweather Jr. next. Well, now the striking sensation has responded, and it appears to be a bit of a back-handed one…

If you’ve somehow missed the news, recently Rizin announced that Mayweather Jr. is going to fight Nasukawa on New Year’s Eve, in a bout with “special rules” (no details on that have emerged yet) That prompted a response from McGregor, which, probably didn’t sit too well with Nasukawa’s supporters.

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More recently the 20-year-old responded to McGregor with this:

Hello, Mr. McGregor.
My Name is Tenshin Nasukawa.
I am not Jackie Chan.
I promise to avenge your loss, so please watch my fight.

That’s a pretty sharp response no?

McGregor faced Mayweather Jr. last August, and was stopped by the undefeated boxer in round ten.