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Leading up to UFC 235, Tyron Woodley scoffed at the idea that his music and commentating gigs were taking away from his fight career, and that hasn’t changed, following his loss.

In recent years, Woodley has continued to build out his resume, as the decorated wrestler has moved into music, acting and commentating. As a result, some observers, including rival Colby Covington, questioned and or argued that Woodley wasn’t prioritizing his fight career. Woodley denied that was the case.

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Well, as you surely know, Woodley’s reign as welterweight champ came to a halt at UFC 235 earlier this month, as Kamaru Usman worked his way to a one-sided, decision win. As a result, some people are once again questioning whether Woodley has truly been focused – as much as he needs to be – on his fight career.

The now-former champ appeared on TMZ Sports recently, and while responding to that narrative, Woodley said this (quotes via Bloody

“What I say to those people is that the renaissance man was one person that did a lot of things average,” Woodley said. “That motherf—ker ain’t me. I’m not him. I do a lot of things exceptional because I’m an artist.

“I won’t apologize for being an artist, and I won’t sit on my gifts that God gave me, and I won’t not participate in other things because I’m a fighter. I fight three times a year. I’m a dad more, I’m an entrepreneur more, technically, I’m a musician more. I more songs than I do fights in the Octagon.

“When I do my training camp and I do my stuff, I’m very focused, I’m very in tune,” he added. “But there are so many hours in a day. If you choose to play Fortnite and I choose to go make a song, that’s our choice and that’s our selection.”

It’s certainly true that other fighters have juggled additional responsibilities, and continued to perform at a high level. For example, Stipe Miocic worked his way to the top of the UFC’s heavyweight division, while still working as a full-time fireman.  Many fighters also have family responsibilities or businesses that they oversee. So, not all their time is focused on just training and fighting.

But, if Woodley does have another lacklustre performance (and that’s not a critique of Usman’s awe-inspiring performance), you know that questions about his other gigs will continue to make the rounds. It will also be interesting to see how often Woodley fights, now that he’s no longer champ.