Bill S1707A-2011 passed New York’s Tourism, Parks, Arts, and Sports Development committee by a vote of 16-3 today. The bill now moves on to New York’s Codes Committee.

The bill passed the Codes Committee last year as well, before dying in the Ways and Means Committee.The bill is expected to stall out in the same committee this year as well.

In order for MMA to become legal in New York the bill must pass the Codes Committee, the Ways and Means Committee, pass a full assembly vote, and be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo before the current legislative session ends June 20.

While the bill has faced strong support so far in early votes, previous attempts at legislation have faced issues with partisan politics with outspoken Assemblyman Bob Reilly leading the opposition. With the relatively short time frame and multiple steps left, it is unlikely that MMA will be legalized before the current session expires.

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Pictured: Madison Square Garden