Josh KoscheckJosh Koscheck knocked out Matt Hughes in the co-main event of UFC 135 on Saturday in Denver, leaving the UFC hall of famer face-first on the canvas in the final second of the opening round in his return to the Octagon after a December loss to welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Hughes said immediately following the loss that he isn’t retiring, but will ask the UFC to “put him on the shelf” for awhile after also suffering a 21-second KO to BJ Penn in November.’s play-by-play of Koscheck vs. Hughes is below:

Round 1- Both fighters start feeling each other out quickly. Hughes appears to be taking a page from GSP by working the jab, it’s nowhere as crisp but keeping Kos at length. Kos finally storms in but few shots land. Both fighters firing combinations but not landing much. Hughes lands a nice combo. Honestly, this is the best his striking has ever looked. Kos lands an overhand right and attempts a takedown but cannot finish as Hughes defends nicely and throws a solid knee on the way out. Kos lands a nasty upper cut and Hughes is reeling. Kos unloads with a few more power shots before Hughes grabs the thai clinch. Hughes pulls guard to avoid a strike and Kos unloads with hammerfists and a hook. Hughes gives up his back and is knocked out cold via hammerfists at the end of the round.

Josh Koschek defeats Matt Hughes via KO at 4:59 of Round 1

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