Jose AldoUFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo retained the 145-pound title with a close unanimous decision over Kenny Florian in the co-main event of UFC 136 on Saturday night in Houston, Texas.

Florian got out to a solid start as he dictated the pace early and attacked Aldo in the clinch as he worked for takedowns, but the champion quickly regained his composure and outpointed Florian down the stretch with hard leg kicks, combinations, and control on the ground.

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More UFC 136 coverage:’s play-by-play of Aldo vs. Florian is below:

Round 1 – Florian opens the action with leg kicks before Aldo rushes forward with punches. They settle down in the middle of the Octagon and Aldo lunges with punches again. Florian uses a leg kick to go for a jab then shoots for a takedown, but Aldo stays on his feet and tags him in a flurry. Florian quickly looks for another takedown, but Aldo stays standing against the fence. Florian gets Aldo down twice, but Aldo gets back to his feet and fights free. Florian ducks a punch a tries for a single leg but Aldo slips free. Florian punches the body then goes to the clinch as he presses for another takedown. A few elbows by Florian, but he can’t get another takedown before the bell. MMAFrenzy scores the first for Florian 10-9.

Round 2 – Florian immediately closes in again and Aldo avoids, but Florian lands a punch. Aldo tries to find his rhythm as Florian avoids most of his punches. Aldo finally connects with a pair of punches, but Florian keeping his distance with kicks. The crowd starts to boo halfway through the second as they trade inside leg kicks. Florian cirles away and sets up more inside leg kicks, then goes high but it’s blocked. Aldo lands a high kick, tags Florian with a jab, then just misses with a kick in a scramble. Aldo goes inside again and also lands with his hands again. Florian looks for a takedown from the clinch in the final seconds but it isn’t there. MMAFrenzy scores the second 10-10 leaving Florian ahead 20-19 through two.

Round 3 – Aldo connects more frequently to start the third. Florian tries to answer, but Aldo is landing with more power including another hard leg kick. Florian goes for a takedown, but Aldo reverses and nearly has mount but Florian keeps him in half guard. Florian content to keep Aldo under control and the champion does little from the top. Aldo stands and Florian throws upkicks. Aldo controls the feet and gets back to the ground, but Florian escapes back to his feet. Florian tries for another takedown from the clinch, but Aldo stays on his feet to finish the round strong. MMAFrenzy scores the third for Aldo 10-9 evening the fight at 29-29.

Round 4 – Aldo and Florian go back at it in the center of the Octagon and Aldo continues to get the better of the excahanges as he attacks the inside of Florian’s leg with kicks. Florian goes for a single, but they end in the clinch again as Aldo shrugs it off and escapes back to the center of the cage. After another exchange, Florian grabs the clinch and walks Aldo to the fence. Aldo reverses to the outside and they trade knees as they struggle for position. Florian goes for a single again, but Aldo slips free. Florian immediately goes for another takedown from the clinch, but Aldo stays standing and they separate. Aldo misses with a jumping knee and they trade punches before the bell sounds. MMAFrenzy scores the fourth 10-10 and has the fight 39-39 heading to the fifth and final round.

Round 5 -Florian and Aldo touch gloves to start the final round. Florian quickly goes to the clinch again as he looks for a takedown, but settles for a few knees before separating. Florian slips on a knee attempt, but attacks with upkicks and kicks to the knee from his back. Aldo controls Florian’s feet, drops into his guard, and lands an elbow. Aldo gets mount and Florian is forced to give up his back. Aldo can’t do anything with it as Florian gets back to half guard before scrambling to his feet. They trade knees in the clinch as Aldo presses Florian against the fence. They stall and are restarted with 80 seconds to go. Aldo clinches again and controls Florian against the fence, but Florian reverses to the outside. Florian fires some knees and backs away for a combo. Wild exchanges by Florian and Aldo before the final bell. MMAFrenzy scores the fifth for Aldo 10-9, giving him the win 49-48.

 Jose Aldo (c) def. Kenny Florian via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46)