UFC President Dana WhiteUFC President Dana White has responded to the news of Alistair Overeem’s failed test result. In a prearranged press conference call with the Canadian Press, UFC President Dana White stated:

I am beyond pissed about this. I’m so (expletive) mad right now I can’t even begin… The worst part is that he sat in front of us and lied to us. How (expletive) stupid do you have to be? Seriously dumb. Anybody who’s using (performance-enhancing drugs) right now is an absolute (expletive) moron. It’s beyond — what’s the word I’m looking for — it’s beyond belief. It’s beyond comprehension. You’re an absolute moron, a brain-dead absolute (expletive) dummy. It goes beyond a guy have any common sense whatsoever… I don’t have a plan-B. It doesn’t look good, does it? It doesn’t look good.”

News of Overeem’s test result was announced via an email from NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer. The test result stems from surprise tests issued by NSAC following the UFC 146 Press Conference. Overeem tested with a 10:1 ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone, well above the 6:1 max limit that NSAC allows.

Overeem was set to vie for the UFC heavyweight title against champion Junior Dos Santos prior to the test result. While Kizer’s rather terse email alluded to Overeem first having a hearing for licensure prior to UFC 146, Overeem will more than likely have to be replaced on the card with former champions Frank Mir and Cain Velasquez being possible replacements.

The fall out for Overeem could be worse as Overeem had been on a conditional license for his UFC 141 tilt against Brock Lesnar. Meaning the commission could fine him based on that event and overturn his victory to a no-contest.