NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer has said that Alistair Overeem’s camp has yet to request the fighter’s B-sample be tested. According to MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiappetta, all Overeem has to do is request the sample be tested. News of Overeem’s failed test was reported yesterday in an email from Kizer. Overeem tested with a 10:1 T/E ration, the limit in Nevada is 6:1.

Whenever a drug test is administered, the sample is separated in half. Half the specimen, the A-sample, is then tested while the other half, the B-sample, is stored in case there is an issue with the A-Sample. A fighter can elect to have the B-sample tested at any facility they choose, though with UFC 146 looming, time is of the essence. If the B-sample was clear, then it would trump the A-sample.

Part of the issue is that Overeem is not currently licensed in Nevada, so NSAC cannot issue any sort of suspension. With that said, failure to get licensed in Nevada due to a failed test would likely prevent Overeem from being licensed in any state with an Athletic Commission and the issue would remain open until Overeem resolved the matter.

Kizer also told MMAFighting that Overeem will unlikely result in a “no contest” for UFC 141 since the samples, prior to and following the fight, did not test positive and have likely been destroyed.

While the B-sample could possibly exonerate Overeem, Kizer stated that he has only seen one B-sample in his career differ from the A-sample. Even then, the boxer was still suspended since there was only one drug was missing from the B-sample of the six drugs the boxer’s A-sample showed.

Overeem’s camp has not responded to any requests for comment on the matter.