Alistair Overeem will make his case to keep his spot on the UFC 146 card on May 26th, as he will appear in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission on April 24th. Overeem, who is scheduled to take on Junior dos Santos for the UFC heavyweight title in Las Vegas, tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone after NSAC Director Keith Kizer issued a random drug test after a pre-fight press conference on March 27th.

Overeem, whose test came back with a testosterone level of 14:1, was nowhere close to the maximum limit allowed in Nevada, which is 6:1. However, because of a temporary license in Nevada that expired after his fight in December, which also took place in Las Vegas, Overeem did not have a license to fight dos Santos in May. Even prior to the drug test results, Overeem was set to meet in front of the commission. Now he will have a new issue to address, as he will have to explain his testosterone level two months prior to the scheduled fight. But because he did not have a license for this fight, Overeem will not face a suspension or fine from the commission.

While he does have a ‘B’ sample that can be tested, Overeem and his representatives have yet to request that. In fact, neither the UFC nor Overeem’s agency has yet to publicly comment on the situation. With three weeks to go before the scheduled meeting with the NSAC, the UFC is running out of time to replace Overeem if they have to. However, with a main card that is full of heavyweight matchups, they will have plenty of options to choose from. Fighters including Frank Mir, Cain Velasquez, and even Mark Hunt, who has received a significant amount of support from fans around the world, are all scheduled to fight at the May 26th event.

For now, Overeem will present his case to the commission. NSAC Director Keith Kizer confirmed Overeem submitted his application for a license last week. However, this was prior to the announcement regarding his drug test results. If the commission does not grant him a license, because of the denial of a license, Overeem will not be able to re-apply for one for an entire year.

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