Alessio SakaraAlessio Sakara Q & A: By Bryan Levick of Fighters Magazine for MMAFrenzy

At 30 years old, Italian born Alessio Sakara has already been through his share of wars inside the Octagon. He began fighting with the UFC way back in October of 2005 when he fought Ron Faircloth at UFC 55. Since then he has had 11 more bouts with the organization amassing a record of 6-5 with one no contest. Before his time with the UFC he made stops in Italy, England, Russia and Brazil. That was after he fought as a professional boxer in Italy beginning in 2004.

It will be 13 months since Sakara last fought inside the Octagon when he takes on fellow striker and US Marine Brian Stann this Saturday at UFC on Fuel TV 2. This will be the company’s first trip to Sweden and judging by how fast the arena sold out it certainly won’t be the last. The last time fans saw Sakara he took on UFC rookie Chris Weidman at UFC Live: Sanchez vs. Kampmann. Weidman was a late replacement for an injured Maiquel Falcao and utilized his wrestling to earn a unanimous decision victory over the veteran Sakara.

After battling through some injuries Sakara is ready to put on a show for the Swedish fans and prove that the faith the UFC has in him is well worth it.

Bryan Levick: Do you feel that you will have any ring rust due to the fact you have been out of action for
over a year?

Alessio Sakara: I suffered an injury, but now I am feeling good and feel as though I am at 100%. I feel very good and I have been training in the cage and everything has healed up nicely. I tore the ACL in my knee and had to have surgery, but thankfully everything went well. I have been sparring and it feels good. Now everything is nice.

BL: What can you tell me about your opponent Brian Stann?

AS: My fight with Stann will be good. I like his style it is very similar to mine and he is a very tough guy. This will be a very fun fight for UFC fans and I am very happy to be fighting in Sweden because it is very close to Italy. For the first time I will have a lot of my friends and family watching me fight live.

BL: When you had your first fight with the UFC could you imagine that the sport and the company would grow as big as it has?

AS: When I first fought for the UFC seven years ago I thought to myself that this was the best MMA show and thought back then that it was very big. Now all these years later I look and see that every year it is getting bigger and bigger. Every show there are more fans watching and attending the shows, it has been an honor fighting for the UFC.

BL: What would you say has been the biggest win of your UFC career?

AS: I don’t know I like every one of my fights. My best fight was against James Irvin. Everything went right for me that night, he was a very strong guy, but it was my night to win. He wanted to knock me out and fortunately I was able to knock him out. I also enjoyed my fight with Chris Weidman even though I lost. It was a very fun fight for me.

BL: Do you know what your role will be at The MMA Show Live in England this May? What are you looking to get out of the experience personally?

AS: Yes I will be going over there and I think it will be a lot of fun. I will be doing seminars for the fans and signing autographs. It’ll be nice to get a chance to talk with the fans and interact with them. I am looking forward to this show very much.

BL: How do you see your fight with Stann going down?

AS: I never like to make predictions before. This fight will be a war and it’ll more than likely end before it can go to a decision. We both want to knock each other out and we both have the striking and the power to do so. It will be a great fight for the fans.

BL: Has the UFC ever mentioned anything about bringing an event to Italy?

AS: I would love that; the fans over there would go crazy. It would be my dream to have the UFC come to Italy. My fans and family would be there rooting for me and I would love for everyone to see how beautiful Italy is. I want everyone to come and visit Rome. It is the home of the Gladiators.