Nick Diaz UFC 137 weigh-in

Tonight was supposed to be a special night at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo as UFC welterweight Nick Diaz was supposed to take on BJJ Champion Braulio Estima in a superfight. Unfortunately, Diaz did not appear and left Estima waiting on the mat before it was clear Diaz would not show.

Caesar Gracie told MMAFighting he did not know why Diaz did not show, stating:

“I know he was mad when he was told Braulio would not make weight last night. No one has seen him today. Braulio ended up making weight this morning.”

While Diaz was upset Estima did not make weight the day before, Estima did cut the weight and weighed in this morning. Day of competition weigh-ins are very common in grappling tournaments and Estima had flown in from the United Kingdom for the bout.

While others volunteered to face Estima, including BJJ standout Robert Drysdale, the irate Brazilian insisted he would only face Diaz.

The no show put the damper on the impressive display of grappling put on for those both in the crowd and those that had paid $9.95 for the PPV. Both Diaz and Estima were going to donate their purses from tonight’s bout to charity but it is unsure if that will happen since the bout did not occur.

Full Results:

  • Jeff Glover def. Caio Terra via points 10-6
  • Kron Gracie def. Victor Estima via one advantage
  • Rafael Lovato def. Lucas Leite via points 2-0
  • Bill Cooper def. Nino Schembri via referee’s decision due to ties in points and advantages
  • Kyra Gracie def. Alexis Davis via points 5-0