Nick Diaz UFC 137 weigh-inEven when Nick Diaz isn’t fighting, he’s hogging headlines.

Last night the mercurial welterweight skipped out on a planned Brazilian jiu-jitsu super match against expert grappler Braulio Estima at the inaugural World Jiu-Jitsu Expo, a grappling event organized by Renzo Gracie.

As with most everything Diaz does, this latest antic drew a lot of attention and prompted many of his peers and other figures in the MMA world to speak out. You can check out a small collection of only a few of those reactions below while you wonder, “What will Nick Diaz do next?”

Diaz Brothers

Promoter fails to donate the money to charity as agreed. (shady) Promoter changes rules for weigh ins to accommodate fellow Brazilian
Match ain’t happening

Braulio Estima

Unfortunately the so expected super fight Estima vs Diaz didn’t happened. I’m very sad as I did everything possible for it to happen. I weighed in at 180lbs this morning at 10 am as agreed and asked to see nicks weighing too but I was informed by Cesar his Coach that he was 180lbs in the previous night and that he ate and is over 180lbs even though I just let it go an still showed up to fight. What pisses me off the most is that he was telling he was going to give his purse to charity for the childrens hospital and than don’t show up. What kind of person is that. Shame. Ps. I’m sorry for all the ones who stayed up to watch this fight but I’m sure the prelims fights was amazing. Thank u all for the support aways

Renzo Gracie

@nickdiaz209 the truth can only be told by him. For sure he has his reasons. He represents BJJ better than anyone in the fray. Let’s wait

Nate Diaz

Braulio didn’t show up on weight the day of weigh ins knowing he had pull? Wtf

Cesar Gracie

Nick is out

Dana White

no, not shocked and I’m surprised u people are! He no showed a Las Vegas press conf to a fight he was gonna make HUGE $ and title

people are f***in nuts and braindead to be OUTRAGED and SHOCKED that Nick no showed something.

Ian McCall

@eL_EV3N11: @Unclecreepymma what do u think about Nick Diaz ducking his BJJ super fight with Estima tonight?” bulls***

Siyar Bahadurzada

The Nick Diaz version of “i’m gonna make you am offer you cannot refuse” will be: “I’m gonna give you a reason, you cannot understand!”

Jon Anik

We’ve got 24 fighters accounted for in Fairfax, Virginia and ready to put on a show Tuesday night. Movin’ on… #UFC

Mark Bocek

Diaz no show, very surprising, great guy for the sport… #mma #UFC