Jason Mayhem MillerJason “Mayhem” Miller’s brief return to the UFC ended Saturday after a loss to CB Dollaway. Miller talked with MMAFighting about following through on his promise to retire if he lost to Dollaway, as well the backstage incident UFC President Dana White alluded to following UFC 146.

“Mayhem” on retirement:

“I said I would [retire], so I am, I’m done for right now. I don’t have the need to super-impress one person in particular and make them happy,” Miller said. “I can focus on making myself happy. I don’t have the pressures of a commissioner chasing me around with a piss cup. I don’t have the pressures of everybody verbally abusing me for everyone one of my missteps via social media. I feel like a weight is lifted. Every fighter gives the same answer when they say they’re retired. Pretty much every fighter says ‘I’m retired until I need money.’ I’m a pretty smart dude, I have other avenues open to me.”

On the backstage incident:

“It was my mask (pictured),” Miller said. “[UFC backstage director Burt Watson] suddenly started yelling about my mask. I had a gas mask for the troops underneath my paper bag, and Burt started telling me right as I’m walking out for the fight. I’m trying to get focused instead of arguing about a paper bag. Maybe it was my fault for, I don’t know, I thought we had an understanding once I start walking out to the cage that now I’m working, but obviously we’re not on a playing field of mutual respect.

“I wish I would have heard about it before so it would be easier to deal with. But here I am walking to the cage, and suddenly I started getting yelled at. I’m like ‘what, I’m trying to focus here.’ Things don’t always go the way you want. That’s life and you have to deal with it.”

On Dana White and what is next for him:

“Sometimes you rub people the wrong way,” he said. “When you’re in charge of a multinational corporation and you kind of don’t like someone it’s pretty easy to just swat me.

“Don’t cry for me, Argentina. I kinda knew what I was getting into when I was 17. I’m not a young guy, not for this sport. I’m an old-ass man, maybe I should look into that TRT, maybe that would help me out.

“I’ve been abusing myself for 12 years now. It’s my job. I can’t cry about it. I knew over the years, this knee got hurt, that knee got hurt, I’ve snapped my nose a million times, I cracked my skull. I mean, c’mon. I knew what I was doing to myself. I don’t want to die without any scars. I want to live life, and I want to have these adventures, and I want to be that old-ass man with a million stories to tell, if I can make it to that old-ass man status.”

These are just the highlights of the interview by Ariel Helwani, but the always entertaining Miller provided on a good listen on the MMA Hour.