Chael SonnenDespite appearing to avoid a clearly angry Anderson Silva in Monday’s UFC 148 media call, Chael Sonnen decided to respond Tuesday night on “UFC Tonight” on Fuel TV.

While Sonnen did not respond to the champion calling him a “cheater” and “criminal,” he did have this to say about the champion:

“Well it was nice to see the real Anderson Silva come through. Ya know, the guy’s a dirtbag, like I’ve told you for years. He made a lot of statements like he’s gonna break my teeth, he’s gonna break my jaw and break my skull. I’ve fought 49 men, it’s not like I’ve never been to the orthodontist before, it’s not like I’ve ever had my jaw re-set. It’s not like I’ve never had to have my scalp stapled shut in ER. I can take the staples in the head and all this other crap. We’re in a fist fight, we’re in a steel cage, on [July 7] anyway. I can’t of expect it. I think it was more like he was saying ‘I’m going to give you a knuckle sandwich.’ I’m kind of sitting there going, well, duh, we’re in a cage fight, dummy.”

Sonnen also wanted to make it clear there is no gamesmanship going on here and that the hatred is real:

“I don’t care about being in his head, there’s no gamesmanship here, it was very nice to see the true Anderson Silva come through. I’m a gangster from West Linn, Ore. and I’ve been fighting for years. He thinks I’m going to be upset because I found what I was looking for? I mean listen, there’s a venue where we can figure this out and on 7/7 at 7pm (PT)  in the in the octagon. If he wants to meet my demands, fine, if he doesn’t, I’m going to shoot a double and run him into that cage, shoot a double and put him on his prissy little ass and sit there for 25 minutes until he gives up.”

Sonnen would also stick by his claim that Anderson only possesses “amateur” level skills and that the long-time middleweight champion simply “sucks” at MMA.

The war of words is only likely to escalate as we near UFC 148 on July 7. Besides the middleweight title rematch, the card will also feature the last fight of former UFC light heavyweight champion and Hall of Fame inductee, Tito Ortiz. Ortiz will take on Forrest Griffin in a rubber match as his last professional bout.