BJ Penn[UPDATE] BJ Penn has since released a statement responding to Rory MacDonald’s preference for UFC 154 rather than UFC 153. Penn stated via his website:

“Rory, with all due respect you challenged me to come out of retirement and I accepted. Then, you back out of the fight! Now you want to put our fight off for two-more-months, but this fight should happen as soon as the cut heals. 10-weeks from now is plenty of time. Let’s fight on Oct. 13th, that’s more than reasonable.” [UPDATE]

Former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn has responded to the news of Rory MacDonald’s injury and he has requested the bout be delayed to UFC 153. MacDonald suffered the cut in training  in preparation for their previously scheduled UFC 152 bout. BJ Penn issued the response through his website.

Penn stated:

“I am sorry to hear about the injury to Rory, this is a fight that got me out of retirement and one that I was looking forward to. I would like to wish Rory a speedy and healthy recovery and request a postponement of our fight to the Rio card.

To Rory, let’s stay with VADA and continue through with the program from now until we fight!”

The two fighters had agreed to enroll in VADA testing and will look continue their enrollment in the program to wherever their fight lands.

MacDonald released a picture of his cut (pictured) via instagram and issued a statement via twitter.

Today I was cut at sparring. I needed three layers of stitching in total, I needed 38 stitches. I’m very sad right now that I will not be healed in time to fight Sept. 22. I am hoping that BJ Penn will agree to have the fight on a later date in November.”

MacDonald is hoping for the fight to remain in Canada at the UFC’s return to Montreal for UFC 154 on November 17.