Chad MendesUFC featherweight contender Chad Mendes will be charged with battery in connection with a bar brawl last month. Mendes will face up to six months in jail and a $2,000 fine if convicted. Local Hanford, California news site The Sentinel first reported the news.

As reported last month, Mendes sucker punched a man in front of local police after a bar brawl at the Lacey Inn Bar and then fled the scene after leading the police on a foot chase. Mendes has maintained that while an incident did occur, the majority of the facts in the case are false.

Mendes was nearly indicted earlier this month on more severe charges after the sheriff’s office was unable to contact the fighter after the brawl. The California native stated he was not trying to evade the sheriffs at all, citing that he was in Ohio for his teammate’s, prospect Lance Palmer, fight.

Mendes was last in action at UFC 148, where he defeated Cody McKenzie in the first round with a body punch.