Eddie AlvarezIt would seem that Dana White was not exaggerating when he said the Eddie Alvarez situation was “going to get ugly.”

It’s no secret that Alvarez was frustrated by the news that Bellator had matched the UFC’s offer, but according to the former champion, he has further reason to be upset as he is now being sued by the promotion that he once called home.

Due to his current legal situation, The Blackzilians fighter was forced to remain mum as to the exact details, but according to Alvarez, the contract offered by Bellator was not a true match.

“It’s like two of your friends want to take you out to dinner, but one wants to take you out for lobster and the other wants to take you to McDonalds,” the Philadelphia native told Ariel Helwani on “The MMA Hour”. Alvarez continued with that analogy by stating that Bellator’s deal would not be as financially viable for him as the UFC’s.

The future of Alvarez now remains uncertain for all parties involved, especially for Eddie, himself.

Bellator has yet to release a statement on Alvarez’s comments as of this writing.