Chad GriggsWith the influx of Strikeforce talent, the UFC has been forced to “trim the fat” in an effort to accommodate the roster. Nine fighters have found themselves on the chopping block, as MMA Opinion has reported. There are no real surprises on the list, the nine men in question gathered a 3-19 between them, so it’s only natural selection. 

  • Chad Griggs (0-2 UFC)
  • Nick Penner (0-2 UFC)
  • Marcus LeVesseur (1-2 UFC)
  • John Cofer (0-2 UFC)
  • Joey Gambino (0-2 UFC)
  • Jeff Hougland (1-2 UFC)
  • Jared Papazian (0-3 UFC)
  • Yasuhiro Urishitani (0-2 UFC)
  • Henry Martinez (1-2 UFC)