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UFC Flyweight Championship: Demetrious Johnson (c) vs. John Dodson

Rd 1- “Big” John is our referee tonight. Body kick by Dodson. Legkick by DJ. Big legkick by DJ. Combo by Dodson misses. Legkick by Dodson. Nice legkick by DJ but Dodson catches it and drills DJ. DJ recovers and misses a headkick and gets slammed but escapes. Wicked hook by DJ. Nice jab by DJ on the elusive Dodson. Nice exchange off a duck that DJ gets the better of. Nice combo by DJ. DJ pursues and eats a big shot coming but eats it. Combo by DJ into a takedown and after a nice struggle he gets him down with just over a minute. Dodson is pushing away and escapes. Dodson takes control in the clinch. Big combo by Dodson misses. Duck into the clinch by DJ and he lands some knees in the clinch. Very close round but MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Johnson.

Rd 2- Legkick by DJ. Good combo by DJ. Nice left by Dodson. Good combo by Dodson. DJ fakes low and controls the clinch into a double leg. DJ tries to pull him away from the cage but Dodson escapes. Legkick by Dodson. Big straight right by DJ. Big left by Dodson trips up DJ. Wicked left stuns DJ. Dodson pressuring and DJ somehow seems to recover. Dodson catches a kick and just misses a big punch. Nice shots by Dodson. Big left hook by Dodson. Front kick combo by Johnson. Push kick by DJ stops a Dodson combo. DJ’s pressure is relentless. Knee by DJ. Kicks by both fighters. Big left by DJ. Dodson is breathing heavy as he eats a body kick. Big knee by Dodson stops a DJ double leg. Big knees in the clinch by DJ as the round ends. Dodson takes the round 10-9 (19-19).

Rd 3 – Jumping switch kick attempt by Dodson. Legkick by DJ. Nice combo by DJ but a good stuff TD by Dodson. Body kick by DJ. Big knee stops a DJ double. Big knee to the hip by DJ grazes the cup but Big John halts it. Back underway now. Legkick by DJ. Body kick by Dodson. Big flying knee misses DJ’s head. Overhand right by DJ. Legkick by Dodson. Nice right-left by DJ. Straight right by DJ answered by a Dodson overhand right. Body kick by Dodson. Trip takedown by DJ. Nice elbow by Dodson from the bottom. Bodylock by DJ forces Dodson away from the cage. GNP by DJ. Dodson scrambles up but eats two big shots on the way out. DJ clinches and nice knees by both fighters. Big left by Dodson barely misses. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Johnson (29-28).

Rd 4 – Legkick by Dodson and another. Nice overhand by DJ. legkick by DJ. Counter by Dodson. Big bodylock takedown by DJ. DJ scrambles into the fronthead lock and lands an illegal knee as Dodson was raising his hand off the canvas. Big John halts it and the Docs check it and they let it go. No point deduction. Nice left by Dodson. Legkick by DJ is caught. Bodyshot by Dodson. Nice left by DJ. Single leg by DJ and we’re in a scramble. DJ stays on the single and lands some short punches and Dodson escapes. DJ is telegraphing his legkicks. Left hook by DJ. Single leg attempt by DJ. Short elbow by Dodson is answered by short strikes from DJ. Big knee by DJ in the clinch. Fronthead lock by DJ. DJ is throwing knees to the arm and leg and alternating shots to the head when dodson brings his hand up. Dodson is cut now and he’s taking by kneesin the front headlock. Massive elbow on the exit by DJ. Dodson is fighting a bit desperate as the round ends. Huge round for DJ there. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 (39-37).

Rd 5- Legkicks by both fighters. Body punch by DJ. Jabs by DJ. Nice left by DJ. Big knee from the clinch by DJ and he smoothly takes him down. DJ’s pressure is unreal. Dodson works up but he eats some shots. Knees in the clinch by both fighters. DJ jumped up high with his back to the cage to land some nice shots. DJ wants to finish this fight and Dodson is trying to load up. Takedown attempt by Dodson and he gets it but DJ works back to the side and delivers some big elbows. Body punch by DJ. Dodson tries a single but DJ defends it easily. Big knees from DJ. DJ has him rocked and pours it on with with knees and punches. Thai knees from DJ now and a big body punch by DJ. Huge exchange for the champion. Dodson clinches but DJ asserts control. More Thai knees by DJ and it’s a wrap as the round ends big for the champion. MMAFrenzy has it for DJ (49-46) but the early round scoring will be huge.

Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson via unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 48-47) 

Quinton Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira

Rd 1- Herb Dean is our referee tonight. Thigh punch by Glover. Legkick by Rampage. Rage looks like a different fighter tonight. Single leg by Glover and he’s got the takedown and immediately takes his back. Big shots by Glover as he looks to finish via sub. ‘Page escapes and a big combo there. Legkick by ‘Page. Headkick by Glover. Nice combo by Page. Great combo by Glover is answered by a wicked hook from ‘Page. Body shots by Glover. Combo by Glover. Big left by Page. Page with his own takedown attempt byt Glover redirects and lands a big left. Big left by Glover. Massive left by Glove and ‘Page was knocked down. He covers up and escapes but he took some big shots. Page is firing but he’s wounded. Nice combo by Page. Legkick by Page as the round ends is caught. MMAFrenzy has Teixeira taking that round 10-9.

Rd 2- Single leg by Glover and he turns it into a doubleleg takedown. Glover moves to half-guard. Page is trying to keep him tight. Elbows by Glover but Page escapes. Wicked uppercuts off the collar tie by Page. Big left hook by Teixeira. Left hook to Jab by Glover. Body hook by Page. Big uppercuts by Glover. Page laughs off a front kick attempt and throws a big combo. Combo by Teixeira. Page taunting Glover now. Wicked uppercut by Glover. Nice combo by Page. Body punch by Page and another combo by Glover. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Glover (20-18) but it’s a lot closer.

Rd 3- Big exchange by both fighters. Nice combo by Glover and a good body kick by Page. Very nice combo by Page. Single leg takedown by Glover. Some nice elbows from him. Page escapes. Combo by Glover. Page with his own single leg but doesn’t get it. Jabs by both fighters. Left hook by Glover. Combo by Glover. Left hooks to headkick by Glover. Combo by Page. Snatch single by Glover is ugly but Page gets back up. Punch to the body by Glover. Big knees from the clinch by Glover. Another nice big knee. Big hook to the body by Glover. Page is wilting under the pressure but not many can keep this pace. Takedown by Glover and he gets mount. Glover with big shots as the round ends. The fighters with a great show of sportsmanship at the end. MMAFrenzy has it 30-27 Glover.

Glover Teixeira def. Quinton Jackson via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,29-28)

Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis

Rd 1- Pettis refuses a touch of gloves. Solid right by Pettis. Left hook by Pettis. Big knee by Cerrone stops a wild attempt by Pettis. Pettis checks a legkick and lands a nice right hand to counter. Headkick by Cerrone is just out of range. Nice combo by Pettis. Hard body kicks by Pettis, and another one. Big “Showtime” knee by Pettis and Cerrone’s hurting. Punch to the body by Pettis. Massive body kick by Pettis and Donald drops down. Two puches by Pettis and that’s it.

Anthony Pettis def. Donald Cerrone via KO (body kick) at 2:35 of Round 1

Erik Koch vs. Ricardo Lamas

Rd 1- Big John is our referee and we’re off. Jabs from both early to measure range. Legkick by Koch. Front kick to the face by Koch. Headkick by Koch blocked. Leg kicks by both fighters. Takedown attempt by Lamas and Koch uses the cage to stay up. Lamas switch to a single and briefly has Koch down but  pops back up. Lamas lets the single go and moves into the clinch against the cage. Body lock by Lamas but he can’t keep him don. Missed head kick by Koch. Nice combo by Lamas and he controls Koch against the cage. Single leg by Lamas takes Koch down but Koch works back up as the round ends. Very tough round to score. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Lamas.

Rd 2- Legkick by Koch. Nice left by Koch. Lamas with a legkick. Legkick by Lamas. Combo by Koch. Legkick by Koch. Koch clinches to the cage. Kick to the thigh by Lamas at an odd angle. We’re in the middle now. Legkick by Lamas but he slips. Koch rushes and Lamas takes him down. Big punches by Lamas to the head and body. Big elbow there. Nice combo by Lamas. Huge elbow splits open Koch open badly. Massive strikes by Lamas and that’s a wrap.

Ricardo Lamas def. Erik Koch via TKO (strikes) at 2:32 of Round 2