UFC157-weighins-85MMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC 157’s PPV card concludes with the recap of tonight’s main event. In the first women’s bantamweight bout in UFC history, champion Ronda Rousey would best challenger Liz Carmouche and retain her title against the USMC veteran.

Rousey would not come out with an easy victory however, as Carmouche brought her best against the champ. The US Marine would reverse Rousey on the ground and take the Judoka’s back. Carmouche would dig for the choke and eventually switched to a tight neck crank that was very close to being finished.

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Rousey would stay composed however, and shook off Carmouche. From that point on, “Rowdy” was on a mission to end the fight. The former Olympian would lock up head-and-armĀ positionĀ on Carmouche again but eventually transitioned to the spider web position to set up her trademark armbar.

Carmouche would valiantly try to make it to the end of the round but was forced to tap to a relentless Rousey attack with mere seconds on the clock.


Rd. 1 – This historic fight will fittingly be refereed by “Big” John McCarthy. No feeling out period as Ronda immediately attacks. Rousey with a good upper cut and she lands a head-and-arm throw. Carmouche rotates out and takes Ronda’s back. Liz is digging the choke to a neck crank. Rousey manages to shake her off. Up-and-down position here. Rousey with punches and upkicks by Carmouche. Liz tries a heelhook but Rousey rotates out and hooks up a head-arm position. Punches from the position by Rousey. Knees from the bottom now and an inverted triangle attempt by Carmouche. Flawless armbar setup by Rousey and Carmouche is defending well with :20 left. Wow. There it goes with only a few seonds left in the round.

Ronda Rousey def. Liz Carmouche via submission (armbar) at 4:49 of Round 1