John-HendricksMMAFrenzy’s coverage of UFC 158 rolls along with our recap of tonight’s co-main event. Johny Hendricks notched an important victory over Carlos Condit in a thrilling bout. The victory by Hendricks likely puts them next in line to face the winner of tonight’s main event.

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Hendricks Edges Condit in a Classic

Johny Hendricks and Carlos Condit did not come into this fight just looking to secure a victory, but to make a statement. Both fighters did just that in exciting fashion but in the end it was Hendricks that was awarded a victory despite breaking his hand in the second.

Condit was constantly attacking in the fight but the minute he got any momentum going Hendricks would roar back with power strikes and/or a driving takedown. After the decision was read, Hendricks implored UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre to defeat Nick Diaz so the two could finally do battle.


Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Legkick by Condit is checked. Swarm by Hendricks just misses. Big hooks by Hendricks hurt Condit. Hendricks with a power slam and he walks away from Condit. Another swarm after the stand out and a gorgeous takedown by Hendricks using a leg lace. Condit scrambles to an arm bar attempt but it misses. Elbows by Condit off his back and Hendricks with GNP. Hammerfist by Condit from his back and Hendricks stands up. Uppercut to hooks to a beautiful double by Hendricks. Condit scrambles and Hendricks grabs a FHL and knees by Hendricks. Frontkick by Condit. Condit with a flying knee that misses and huge shot by Hendricks. Hendricks with a takedown but Condit reverses with a kimura sweep and briefly had his back. Slip by Hendricks as he escapes and a big shot from as he lands a takedown to end the round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hendricks.

Rd. 2- Touch of gloves again. Headkick by Condit. Wicked uppercut by Hendricks hurts Condit and he hurts him again but Condit survives. Hendricks backs up Condit and has another takedown. Kimura attempt by Condit fails and Hendricks is working in half guard now. Condit is out though. Solid right by Condit. A series of big shots by Hendricks have opened up Condit again and Hendricks has another takedown. Elbows by Condit as he works up and eats a solid left by Hendricks. Solid knees by Condit. Jumping knee by Condit is ducked and turned into a power double by Hendricks. Hendricks with a deep half to control Condit. Big punches by Hendricks against the cage and he again takes Condit down. :10 left and Condit escapes but Hendricks backs away. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hendricks (20-18) in a great fight.

Rd. 3- Hendricks is hurt but still throwing his left hand. Beautiful switch defense by Hendricks on a takedown. Elbows from the bottom by Condit as Hendricks lands GNP of his own. Condit is warned for illegal shots here. Condit again digs for a kimura but escapes. Condit attacks but Hendricks roars back with upper cuts in the collar tie. Another takedown by Hendricks and Condit works up but is quickly down again. Condit is attacking off his back. Hendricks stands up with less than 2 minutes remaining. Right by Condit and Hendricks with a duckunder but can’t complete the takedown. Another driving takedown by Hendricks and Condit tries a weak guillotine briefly. Strikes to the body by Hendricks as Condit escapes. Hard left by Condit but Hendricks with another takedown. Absolute clinch war to the finish. Amazing fight. MMAFrenzy has the round for Condit but the fight for Hendricks (29-28).

Johny Hendricks def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)