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Colin Fletcher vs. Mike Ricci

Rd. 1- Fighters feeling each other out early as Fletcher lands a kick. Ricci with a pair of his own. Solid body kick by Fletcher is answered by a volley from Ricci. Body kick by Ricci is caught but he works out. Solid left by Ricci is answered by a solid counter by Fletcher. Fighters trade kicks, but nothing significant. Brutal cup check by Fletcher there. Fletcher with multiple spins but no actual kicks. Body kick by Ricci. Fletcher catches a kick by Ricci but the Canadian recovers and the fight ends against the cage. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-10.

Rd. 2- Both fighters come out swinging. Ricci with a solid head kick and then he scores a takedown on a caught kick. Ricci postures up and lands solid ground-and-pound, and passes to side control. Modified north-south as Fletcher tries a kneebar but it’s nowhere close. Fletcher is bleeding badly as he works back up. Ricci is controlling against the cage now. Body kick by Ricci and Fletcher is clearly trying to catch them but just misses. Fighters exchange combos. Ricci is avoiding most of Fletcher’s flashy attacks with ease. MMAFrenzy has the round 10-9 Ricci (20-19)

Rd. 3- Round begins with a bit of controversy as there is still ice in the cage. Marc Goddard kicks it out and keeps it going. Fletcher tries a takedown but Ricci shows great balance and avoids it. Brief clinch against the cage and they’re in the open now. Spinning backfist to another punch by Fletcher but he just seems to have no power in his hands. Ricci with a body clinch takedown as Fletcher illegally tried to hold on (with both hands) on top of the cage. Ricci postures up and starts landing some hard shots. Ricci with a beautiful pass to back mount and he attempts an RNC. Ricci switches to an armbar but Fletcher’s flexibility allows him to work out as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has the round and the fight for Ricci (30-28).

Mike Ricci def. Colin Fletcher via unanimous decision (30-27,30-27,30-27)

Chris Camozzi vs. Nick Ring

Rd. 1- Legkick by Camozzi opens the action. Ring answers strong however with a trio of kicks. Ring doubles up on the legkicks but eats a wicked combo by Camozzi. Ring is hands down, chin-up here which is odd for him. Pair of jabs by Camozzi. Left by Camozzi. Right by Ring is countered by a combo that mostly misses by Camozzi. Push kick by Ring. Double legkicks by Ring. Left and a body kick by Camozzi. Solid legkick and right hook by Ring. Hard combo by Ring. Good knee in the clinch by Ring. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Ring, but it’s close.

Rd. 2- Legkicks by Ring and he lands a solid punch. After some brief skirmishes, Camozzi with a good knee but he cannot follow up. Left by Ring. Solid right by Camozzi. Spinning attack by Camozzi is aborted halfway through. Good jabs by Camozzi. Legkick by Ring. Big knee in the thai clinch by Camozzi. Solid jab by Camozzi answers a Ring combo. Another knee by Camozzi. Camozzi is trying his best to stalk Ring down but Ring is tagging him and escaping. MMAFrenzy scores the round 10-9 Ring (20-18).

Rd. 3- More of the same to start round 3. Solid combo by Ring. Solid left by Camozzi. Camozzi takes Ring’s back while standing and gets him to the cage. Solid knees by Camozzi in the clinch and Ring escapes. Inside-out legkick combo by Camozzi. Ring is just staying outside the reach of Camozzi’s punches. Solid combo by Camozzi. 0:30 left and Ring is really out of gas. Camozzi is trying to take his head off but keeps coming up short. Hard knee by Camozzi as the round ends. MMAFrenzy has the round for Camozzi but the fight for Ring 29-28.

Chris Camozzi def. Nick Ring via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Jake Ellenberger vs. Nate Marquardt

Rd. 1- Legkick by Nate to open the action. Big leg kick by Ellenberger is checked. Nate slips and checks one. Nate clips Ellenberger and swarms but cannot finish. Big punch by Ellenberger settles Nate down. Legkicks by Marquardt. Big leg kicks by Nate here. Huge left hook by Ellenberger and a massive right hook lands and Nate is floored. Brief barrage by Ellenberger and that’s it. Marquardt doesn’t know what happened.

Jake Ellenberger def. Nate Marquardt via KO (strikes) at 3:00 of Round 1

Carlos Condit vs. Johny Hendricks

Rd. 1- Touch of gloves and we’re off. Legkick by Condit is checked. Swarm by Hendricks just misses. Big hooks by Hendricks hurt Condit. Hendricks with a power slam and he walks away from Condit. Another swarm after the stand out and a gorgeous takedown by Hendricks using a leg lace. Condit scrambles to an arm bar attempt but it misses. Elbows by Condit off his back and Hendricks with GNP. Hammerfist by Condit from his back and Hendricks stands up. Uppercut to hooks to a beautiful double by Hendricks. Condit scrambles and Hendricks grabs a FHL and knees by Hendricks. Frontkick by Condit. Condit with a flying knee that misses and huge shot by Hendricks. Hendricks with a takedown but Condit reverses with a kimura sweep and briefly had his back. Slip by Hendricks as he escapes and a big shot from as he lands a takedown to end the round. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hendricks.

Rd. 2- Touch of gloves again. Headkick by Condit. Wicked uppercut by Hendricks hurts Condit and he hurts him again but Condit survives. Hendricks backs up Condit and has another takedown. Kimura attempt by Condit fails and Hendricks is working in half guard now. Condit is out though. Solid right by Condit. A series of big shots by Hendricks have opened up Condit again and Hendricks has another takedown. Elbows by Condit as he works up and eats a solid left by Hendricks. Solid knees by Condit. Jumping knee by Condit is ducked and turned into a power double by Hendricks. Hendricks with a deep half to control Condit. Big punches by Hendricks against the cage and he again takes Condit down. :10 left and Condit escapes but Hendricks backs away. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Hendricks (20-18) in a great fight.

Rd. 3- Hendricks is hurt but still throwing his left hand. Beautiful switch defense by Hendricks on a takedown. Elbows from the bottom by Condit as Hendricks lands GNP of his own. Condit is warned for illegal shots here. Condit again digs for a kimura but escapes. Condit attacks but Hendricks roars back with upper cuts in the collar tie. Another takedown by Hendricks and Condit works up but is quickly down again. Condit is attacking off his back. Hendricks stands up with less than 2 minutes remaining. Right by Condit and Hendricks with a duckunder but can’t complete the takedown. Another driving takedown by Hendricks and Condit tries a weak guillotine briefly. Strikes to the body by Hendricks as Condit escapes. Hard left by Condit but Hendricks with another takedown. Absolute clinch war to the finish. Amazing fight. MMAFrenzy has the round for Condit but the fight for Hendricks (29-28).

Johny Hendricks def. Carlos Condit via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC Welterweight Title Fight: Georges St-Pierre (c) vs. Nick Diaz

Rd. 1- The fighters barely get through the refs instructions without a blow being landed and we’re finally rolling. Yves Lavigne is tonight’s third man in the cage. Legkick by GSP. GSP with a takedown and Diaz grabs guard. Punches to the body and head by GSP. GSP takes Diaz’s back in a scramble. GSP with a stack and Diaz tries to get into a double leg of his own but GSP easily defends and peppers away on Diaz. Big elbows by GSP. Diaz again gives up his back and GSP is smothering him. Diaz tries to use the cage to stand but GSP pulls him away. Diaz again grabs the cage to stand but GSP again gets him down and sinks the hooks in. GSP again gets him down and throws a hard knee as the round ends. Diaz shoves GSP as Lavigne tries separate them. MMAFrenzy scores it 10-9.

Rd. 2- GSP controls the striking early. Diaz is caught with a hook. Diaz again gets over-extended on a punch and it’s an easy takedown for GSP. Weak heel kicks by Diaz. Diaz is trying to be active in the guard but getting smothered with strikes. Diaz tries to slide to a kneebar but GSP takes his back and lands a huge knee. Diaz posts up but GSP gets him back down and lands some huge elbows. Scramble into a fronthead position and GSP with some knees to the body but Diaz finally escapes. Diaz taunts GSP but eats a super man jab. Big legkicks by GSP. Spinning back kick by Diaz misses. Superman punch again as the rounds ends and Nick again has to be walked away Lavigne. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 (20-18).

Rd. 3- Diaz is talking trash and eating strikes from GSP now. The more Nick talks the more he gets hit. Diaz finally stops a takedown but cannot stop the second. After a scramble Nick gets back up. GSP is landing as Diaz just covers up. Body shot by Diaz. Big legkick by GSP and Diaz throws two of his own. More jabs by GSP. Matching spinning kicks by both fighters. GSP again lands a combo and tries a takedown but Diaz stops it. Huge straight right by GSP. Jab by Diaz. Big right hook by Diaz. Lefts by Diaz but he literally just walks into a takedown with less than a minute left. More strikes from GSP as he has Nick’s back. The round ends and Lavigne separates them as Diaz throws a punch after the bell. Lavigne threatens to DQ him MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 GSP (30-27).

Rd. 4- More strikes by GSP to open the round as Diaz responds. GSP’s takedown is stuffed but lands a head kick. More hard shots by GSP but Diaz defends the takedown. Headkick by GSP. Knees and punches to the body in the clinch by Diaz. Body combo by Diaz in the clinch. Diaz is just walking back and forth with his hands down and GSP is just picking his shots. Nick is barely even trying anything. Driving takedown by GSP. Nick eats some shots but works back to his feet only to get brought back to the canvas by GSP. Diaz tries a kimura but he has nothing. Diaz tries a roll for a kneebar but nothing is there. As much as Nick is talking he isn’t doing anything about it. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 GSP (40-36).

Rd. 5- Kicks by Diaz to open the action. Jab by GSP is answered by a hard left from Diaz. GSP has a takedown blocked by Diaz clinches. Big knee in the clinch by GSP but Diaz reverses him along the cage. Knees in the clinch by GSP and an answer by Diaz. Fighters break and GSP with a jab. GSP trips up Diaz and he is again taken down. GSP has an ankle ride from the back and is landing punches. Knee to the body by GSP. Diaz is finally  up. Body kicks by Diaz have little on them. Switch kick by GSP and he lands a driving takedown with 0:35 left and that is likely it. GSP lands some big shots as the fight ends and Nick gives GSP his due in a show of class. Should be a 50-45 decision for GSP.

Georges St-Pierre def. Nick Diaz via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)