UFC 154 Georges St-PierrePrior to UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre’s showdown with Nick Diaz last Saturday there was a lot of drama going behind the scenes. With all that going on, some people noticed St-Pierre noticeably limping during some UFC locker room coverage.

It turns out those people were correct, as GSP’s trainer, Firas Zahabi told a French Canadian news group that the champ was injured the week prior to his showdown with Diaz.

Zahabi was very concerned after the fighter injured his right Achilles tendon prior to the bout, fearing the tendon would give out during the fight with Diaz. In addition to the heel injury, St-Pierre had also come down with a fever before the fight as well according to the report.

The Tristar trainer hopes the fighter will take about six months off prior to coming back to the Octagon in order for the injury to recover. Achilles tendon injuries can be potentially career ending, so it is likely the fighter will heed his longtime coach’s advice.

This could actually be the best thing for both St-Pierre and Hendricks, as it could allow both fighters to be back close to 100% when they meet later this year.