Diego SanchezDuring yesterday’s press conference with the media before this weekends UFC 71 event Dana White delivered the shocking news that prior to his fight with Josh Koscheck at UFC 69 it was believed Diego Sanchez had contracted hepatitis C. The then-undefeated Sanchez nearly announced his retirement from the UFC and MMA the day before the fight as a result of a doctors findings.

For those unfamiliar with the disease, it is spread by blood-to-blood contact (an obvious problem in MMA) and symptoms include pain, fatigue, and liver damage among other symptoms. It is most often spread by using drugs administered through a needle, tattoos, and unsafe sex. Anyways back to the story at hand.

The situation improved greatly after it was determined he did not have hepatitis C after all as test-after-test had come back negative. With Diego seemingly feeling up for a fight and no diseases or medical problems being confirmed he was cleared for his highly anticipated fight with Josh Koscheck. Diego fizzled in the fight losing a unanimous decision to Koscheck promting many fans to question the effort.

It turns out he shouldn’t have been in the ring at all after a docter determined the fighter had a severe staph infection after a hole developed in his leg. The news had been kept quiet until Dana White spilled the details in his recent call. The news came as a shock to fans and reporters alike not only that Sanchez took to the octagon with a staph infection but that he was so close to announcing his retirement the day before the biggest fight in his MMA career.

White did not go into detail on his current status, although a minor delay in his octagon return is to be expected with an infection of this magnitude.