UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva sat down with FUEL TV correspondent Karyn Bryant for UFC From All Angles, an intimate portrait of the pound-for-pound king of the UFC. “UFC From All Angles: Anderson Silva” premieres Tuesday, May 9th.

Silva was particularly open about the hard work that has gone into his career and about what the future holds for him when his run comes to a close, stating:

“I train more. It’s not easy. Rich Franklin is good. Chael Sonnen is good. Dan Henderson, for a long time, was the best. These guys are the best in the world. This is my time. One day comes when another guy is the best in the world. I’ve trained for a long time. Maybe god has the big plans for me because I talk to kids and they talk to me. I have a chance to change a lot of kid’s lives. This is more important for me. God has given me the chance to change the lives of a lot of people.”

Silva will cover a variety of topics in the exclusive interview including the high points of his career, how he has maintained his long title reign, his friendship with the Nogueira brothers, and more.