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John Howard: It’s Hall’s “Flash Against my Power”

John Howard

It wasn’t that long ago, depending on your sense of time, when John Howard was making waves in the UFC.  “Doomsday” arrived in the Octagon back in 2009, and before long, the noted striker had scored four consecutive wins, two of which were by knockout. Yes, he proceeded to lose three straight and was let go by the promotion, but if you remember what Howard is capable of,  then chances are you’re excited to see him throw down with Uriah Hall on Saturday.

Of course, Hall has had a break-out year in 2013, thanks to a run of vicious stoppages during TUF 17, which were featured endlessly on highlight reels (yes, especially his spinning kick KO of Adam Cella). So, what does an experienced pugilist like Howard think of Hall’s vaunted striking game? At the open workouts Wednesday, the 30 year-old had this to say (comments via MMA

“That spinning kick was impressive, but he did it to a kid who had no background in striking,” Howard said. “I have a trained eye; I’ve been striking for over 10 years, with some of the best strikers in the world.

“I have the eye to see that. I’m not saying it can’t land it, just more likely that he’s not. If he throws it, it’s going to expose him to my power. I’m a Thai fighter; he’s an American karate kickboxer; I’m straight Muay Thai.

“It’s his flash against my power. I think if he goes flashy with it, he’s going to get a rude awakening.”

If you’re curious of how the oddsmakers see this fight, Howard is a sizeable underdog heading in, ranging in the +300 to +350 region. It definitely has the potential to be something special.  Hall, of course, is predicting the KO win.

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