The Ulimate Fighter 18: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate continued tonight on FOX Sports 1. This season features 16 men and 16 women bantamweights living together in The Ultimate Fighter house for the first time in the show’s history. Tune in each week as the fighters, coached by UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey and rival Miesha Tate, vie for a six-figure UFC contract on FOX Sports 1. [Spoilers Below]

Tonight’s episode kicks off in the wake of last week’s battle between Chris Holdsworth and Chris Beal. Rousey is not happy with the matchup, and this week’s matchup, since it was well known that Beal was injured and Tate again picks an injured Jessica Rakoczy to face her fighter, Roxanne Modaffieri.

A bit of drama again tonight as Team Tate guest coach Dennis Hallman starts a confrontation with Team Rousey assistant coach Edmond Tarverdyan. Hallman, who defeated Tarverdyan’s teammate and friend in troubled fighter Karo Parysian, and the Team Rousey coach nearly get into it as Rousey and UFC president Dana White defuse the situation as best as possible. Rousey believes this was a setup by Team Tate, as Hallman and Tarverdyan have a history and the Armenian being booted would cost Team Rousey their head coach.

After the drama, the Team Tate practice goes on as the guys train with the girls after Raquel Pennington voices her frustration with training with some of the weaker female opponents. It quickly becomes known to the guys that the girls are there to work despite their initial fears about training with the girls. Both groups believe it makes them a better all-round team.

Back at the house, we see Team Rousey’s Jessica Rakoczy and her relationship as sort of a “mother hen.” Rakoczy’s “neat-freak” tendencies are on display, and her teammates clearly appreciate it. At the training session her shoulder injury is apparent but Coach Rousey maintains the fighter will fight like it does not matter. The boxer knows she has a tough fight ahead.

Show goes in-depth with Team Tate’s Roxanne Modafierri after the break and the UFC cameras do a great job of showing one of the more known veterans, and better person, in WMMA. Modaffieri talks about her journey to MMA and her signature positive outlook that makes her well-loved by both teams. The BJJ black belt talks about expecting Rakoczy’s best and seems to be excited to have this shot on TUF.

Back at the house, Rakoczy talks about her severely abusive step-father and how she left home at 15. Talks about her path to boxing and MMA began after the death of her mother years ago. After the confessional scene ends, the show cuts to weigh-ins as both fighters make weight without issue and each has a bit of fun before the stare down with Modaffieri playing with foam nunchacku and Rakoczy being armed with a Nerf gun.

Back at the house, prepare for the bout in their own ways with Rakoczy having her hair braided and Modaffieri making a doll out of paper towel rolls. Both are emotional before the fight with Rakoczy thinking of her son and Modiffieri getting encouragement from teammate Juliana Peña.

Roxanne Modaffieri (Team Tate) vs. Jessica Rakoczy (Team Rousey)

  1. Nice combos by JR to start the fight as she looks to avoid going to the ground. RM pressures forward and gets the takedown when JR hits the cage. JR is very aggressive off her back and RM is forced to stand and avoid up kicks. RM finally gets to side control after taking some damage and she is not doing too much damage but she’s controlling the action. JR stays active and eventually gives up her back but RM attacks a kimura and loses position. JR ends up on top but is caught in an arm bar before she battles out and lands some strikes. RM uses a submission chain to force JR to bail with a minute left. More strikes by JR and RM tries for a takedown and takes a lot of damage before finally getting before the round ends. MMAFrenzy scores a crazy round 10-9 Modaffieri.
  2. Modaffieri was breathing hard at the start of the round. Huge shots from JR as RM tries for a takedown and she gets dropped. JR lets her stand after brief ground-and-pound. Modaffieri is still dazed and she takes a ton of damage before the referee stops it to warn for a cage grab and it could not come at a better time for RM. Ref restarts them and RM finally gets a takedown but JR ends up on top. JR powerbombs out and RM is clearly done but the referee lets it go and she eats a lot of damage while trying to tie it up. JR stands and walks away and RM cannot stand but the referee still lets it go and finally stops it after JR pounds her more.

Jessica Rakoczy def. Roxanne Modaffieri via TKO (strikes) – Round 2

Fight Selection:

With the victory by Rakoczy, Team Tate has the choice for next week’s fight. Rousey sets up David Grant against Louis Fisette for next week’s fight.

Opening Round:

Team Rousey


  1. Shayna Baszler (lost to Pena)
  2. Jessamyn Duke
  3. Peggy Morgan
  4. Jessica Rakoczy def. Roxanne Modaffieri


  1. Chris Beal (lost to Holdsworth)
  2. David Grant
  3. Anthony Gutierrez
  4. Michael Wootten

Team Tate


  1. Julianna Pena def. Shayna Baszler 
  2. Sarah Moras
  3. Raquel Pennington
  4. Roxanne Modafferi (lost to Rakoczy)


  1. Cody Bollinger
  2. Chris Holdsworth def. Chris Beal
  3. Josh Hill
  4. Tim Gorman (injured in Ep. 2)
  5. Louis Fisette (replaced Gorman)

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